7 Things You Need To Know About a 2-stroke Dirt Bike

Today we will briefly talk about some of the reasons why we like Two Stroke Dirt Bikes.

The first is the sound coming from 2-stroke bikes.

I love the two-stroke sound I hear on a track.I know a lot of people who love two-stroke are first and foremost for that reason .. and not only that .. the smell that comes when you leave a little racing to tea … it’s crazy!

The second thing is the power band that comes with these bikes.

Many people think that this is something inside the bike .. No .. If you run this two stroke bike on a dino, he will say this to a chart that shows it ..When you put the horsepower on the Y axis and the RPM on the X axis, it shows the power given by the bike from that incoming curve. In a very short time, the power of these bikes will increase unimaginably compared to a four stroke bike.

The third is that you need a lot of clutch when riding this bike..

Sometimes we use that power curve as a single line .. At that time the bike looks dumb. You have to give a half clutch at that time and go back to the Raves or RPM on these bikes. Then we can get the power back to normal as we said.
If you ride a 2-stroke in motocross, this is an essential. 

Fourth is the maintenance work on these bikes.

There is a normal space in the engine room if we want to keep a tool in there. Besides, these bikes have no camshaft, no valves, no timing chains, so unlike the four-stroke, even the two-stroke engine is very easy to work with.So for someone who finds it difficult to afford it, I suggest you go for a two stroke bike first..this bike is much cheaper than a four stroke … Everyone can find these bikes at affordable prices. Below is a Husqvarna WR125 2003 two stroke dirt bike used in Sri Lankan motorcross racing ..

Fifth, the electronic items on these bikes are very low compared to the four strokes.

While a lot of the two-stroke carburetor technology comes with the four-stroke newer EFI, the electronic fuel injection system comes with it. So there is nothing complicated with this bike ..

Sixth, these bikes are generally lighter than four-stroke bikes. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to pick up like a corner, unload and even load when you get on the track. If you have a good riding style in 2-stroke bikes you can easily ride these bikes without giving too much effort. 

The seventh is that this bike tends to wrestle a bit more than a four-stroke … Some riders love that feeling. But some are uncomfortable with that.. So for this reason, the rider also needs to know the language that is unique to these bikes .. Looks like you didn’t understand that? Let’s say it like this.. When we look at the power band we talked about, or the power curve that comes with the dino, we need a little bit of knowledge to maintain the power of this. Otherwise we we will hear complains saying , “this bike is not good” .. it is not a problem of the bike most of the time .. it is the fault of the rider. Also, the engine brake is relatively low compared to the four stroke.

So you guys may have a lot to add. More knowledge as well as memorable incidents with Two Stroke bikes ..
Put those things in the comment section below and share with others .. May everyone’s dreams come true ..
Be careful, ride carefully!

If you want to watch the video we made about this, here is the link .. It will be explained in more detail ..

Video Link : https://youtu.be/b73WNSOH_yE

Author – Shamal Iroshan

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