BMW F 900 R Force Limited Edition Launches in France

This motorcycle is based on the BMW F 900 R A2 Shifter Edition. A few more embellishments have been added to this bike, including the Pro Shifter technology.

The color fluorescent yellow has been used in various parts of this bike for decoration. The front windshield has a border with the “R” logo, the name of the edition of the sheet cover and “Limited Edition” in yellow.

A graphic kit that combines the San Marino Blue, the metallic color with the said yellow color can be seen all over the bike.The black rims are also embroidered in yellow, with the words “F 900 R Force” written on them. The engine guard also uses this yellow color as a border.

However, the current news is that this bike is sold only in France. Priced at Euro 9 9,790 (approximately 2.3 million in Sri Lankan currency), this brand produces only 300 bikes.

Author – Shamal Iroshan

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