Do Superbikes Forget about the Underseat Silencer?

If we consider past superbikes, the manufacturers tend to use various kind of under-seat silencers


Until 2007, Honda CBR1000 has released with an under-seat silencer. Then they slightly moved back to the side silencer. Also, the Yamaha R1 switched back to the side silencer in 2015. So let’s talk about why these things changed like that since under-seat silencer is more attractive than the side silencer.

Honda CBR1000 RR-R 2020 With the Side Silencer

Honda CBR1000 RR 2007  With the Under-Seat Silencer

The first  thing is “Weight”

Now you can feel like the side silencer is also has a weight same as the under-seat one. Nope. That is not the thing. The thing is where that weight is placed. The manufacturers considered the Gravity Point of the bike. When the rider needs to take a bend or speed up the bike, this gravity point has a great job to do. So this under-seat silencer is a real trouble maker for the gravity point. The other thing is the under-seat silencer needs a bent pipe longer than for the side silencer. That also adding some weight to the bike.

So the next thing is the Trunk Space

Trunk Space means that the locker placed on the backside of the bike. If we consider a CBR MC22 bike, we can see a large trunk space in there. But in a CBR 600 Underseat model, there is a low space in the trunk. The same problem goes with the VFR models.

Generally, the Rider feels more heat while riding an under-seat silencer fitted bike than a side silencer fitted bike. From the manufacturers’ view, they have to spend more cost on the under-seat silencer systems. Whenever we need to repair or remove the under-seat silencer, we may have to put some more effort into that.

CBR MC22 Gullarm 250cc Trunk Space

Image Credits: Melan Hasanka

Models like CBR 600, Mv Agusta 800 are still following this under-seat silencer system. But the majority of superbikes are changing from the under-seat silencer system to the side fitted silencer system. However, we will miss that Hot looking silencer system from the upcoming superbikes. Let’s see about the decisions that will take by the Motorbike Manufacturers. Because the competition is too high among both the industry and the race track since a single millisecond can do lots of changes.

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Author – Shamal Iroshan

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