Do you ever hear about Honda CB1300/400 “Bol d’or” Version?

This name usually comes with Honda CB400 & CB1300 motorbike models.

Some people like these bikes and some don’t. Did you ever think about the meaning of this phrase?

The phrase “Bol d’or” is a French name which means “Golden Bowl”. It is an endurance race which happens during a full day across the country.

HONDA and SUZUKI had won this race 17 times among 80+ events. This is not a race which tests the speed. This is all about the endurance of both rider and the bike. The rider has to ride around 5000+ kilometres. In the beginning, only one rider participated in these races, but now there are teams with maximum 3 riders. How ever, for the sake of HONDA’s victories in this race event, they used “Bol d’or”  name to their productions.

Honda CB400 Bol d’or

Honda CB1300 Bol d’or

Author – Tharindu Maduranga

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