Every Possible Motorbike Categories that you can find

The motorbike can simply move not only your body but also your soul. Do you ever hear terms such as adventure bikes, sport bikes, dual sports bikes? Some of you possibly struggled to find what are those terms. Since the invention of the motorbike, we have been seeing thousands of motorbike models everywhere. Do you know these each and every bike can be categorized for our easiness? I have listed most of the categories that you can find related to motorbikes. After reading this I can ensure that you can get a proper idea about motorbikes categorization and discover your dream bike according to your desires.

Standard / Roadster / Naked Motorbikes 

These types of motorbikes follow the theory of simplicity. They all are following mid-range specifications usually. Most of the motorbikes that you can see on the road are listed in this category. Beginners can start their riding life from this type of motorbike because of some reasons. These motorbikes can be used for multiple purposes most of the time. There can be luggage, a bag that fitted to the tank, side carrier for these kinds of motorbikes. From the perspective of the rider, he or she will not be forced to ride with outstretched legs or cramped arms because of the easy riding position of standard motorbikes. Seat height is also very fair for everyone.On the other hand we can specifically take Roadstars and Naked motorbikes as some powerful material than normal standard bikes. However these all are listing under same category.

Eg: Kawasaki Z1000 / Triumph Street Twin 

Cruiser Motorcycles 

Simply these motorcycles are built for cruising. Traditionally cruisers based with low height seats, semi forward footpegs and comfortable handlebar for the rider. You can travel for kilometres with full of comfort. Engine capacity can be from low capacity to high capacity. Definitely, you can feel the freedom of motorcycling by riding this kind of motorbike. There is another subcategory called Power Cruisers that give a super-duper feeling more than a regular cruiser.

Eg-: Ducati Diavel 1260 / Yamaha VMAX

Sport Motorcycles

Just imagine a motorbike with higher seats, lower handlebars, rear-set footpegs including power and speed. Yes! Now you are a little bit closer to this. These types of motorcycles should be one of the most aggressive motorbikes in the world. They are designed for forward-leaning ergonomics to carve some corners. Their weight is very lighter than other types of motorbikes. Most of them are made by Aluminium, Carbon Fiber or that kind of lightweight materials. Suzuki GSXR is the starter of this type of motorcycles in the 1980s. Basically, sport bikes are always concerning about the new technology. They always ready to race and adapted to survive on the track the same as the road.

Eg-:  Suzuki GSXR 600 / BMW S1000rr

Touring Motorcycles 

Whenever you meet a touring bike owner you may sit with him and hear some awesome stories including more than a hundred thousand of kilometres with the same bike. Usually, touring motorbikes have a larger engine capacity more than other motorbike categories. They can carry your extra gears, extra clothes and all other your favourite kinds of stuff while you are going on your long trip. They have large fairings and they can block the wind. Anyhow rider can completely satisfy with comfort. Most touring bikes provide things such as larger cargo area, Satellite radio, GPS facilities, Apple CarPlay.If you plan to rider across your country, this should be your choice.

Eg-: Honda Goldwing / BMW K1600 GTL 

Sport Touring Motorcycles 

This production is a perfect balance between touring motorcycles and sport motorcycles. They have more fairings the same as touring motorbikes and also give an aggressive performance as sports motorbikes. At first sight, you may feel it like a sportbike, but when you ride that you can feel the comfortable same as the touring bike. If you need to add some more thrill to your long trip, this is the best selection.

Eg-: BMW S1000 XR / Ducati Multistrada 

Scooter Motorcycles

Scooters are ideal for urban areas with lots of traffic jams and zero highways. Usually, they are lightweight. Engine capacity varies from 50cc to 500cc and wheels are small too basically. They do not incorporate with higher speeds. Mostly they have a little space to carry your stuff under the seating area. However, scooter motorcycles entirely ignored by western countries. When we concern about the riding position, this is completely different from the other positions. The rider can put his legs on the front platform that can put air between his legs.

Eg-: Honda Ruckus / Vespa

Moped Motorcycles

Some of you may be confused about mopeds and scooters. Are they really the same?. The answer is “No”. This is not a subcategory of the scooter. They have clear differences. Mopeds are carrying a frame based on bicycles. They have small engines such as 50cc,70cc or else electric motors with low power. They can be hardly found in western countries. 

Eg- Singer Safari

Off-Road/Dirt Motorcycles 

This type of motorbikes is usually small and lightweight. Usually, you can see knobby tires on them. Mostly they are powered by a single-cylinder engine. The bike is covered by cheap plastics because this kind of motorbikes is always willing to fall. Motorcross riders use off-road motorcycles as their toys to reach the checkered flag on tracks. They are also known as dirt bikes because of their dirty habits.

Eg-: Yamaha Yz450f / Suzuki RM450Z

Cafe Racer Motorcycles 

Cafe racer motorbikes are children of Standard motorbikes. They derived all the features of standard bikes and they are trying to maintain an old-school look for us. Forward-leaning seating position is the usual riding position.

Eg-: Triumph Street Cup

Scrambler Motorcycles 

This also a child of standard category and a sibling of the cafe racer category. This also uses the forward-leaning seating position. Scramblers tend to have a dirt bike look other than cafe racers.

Eg-: Triumph Scrambler 1200XE / Ducati Scrambler


This also a sibling of dirt bike category. The main difference is they have street wheels, tires, brakes and suspension system. Supermoto is the most famous motorbike category among most of the street riders because this gives a feeling that rider can never be transformed into words. The real power of a single-cylinder machine can be measured by riding this kind of a bike on a street. On the other hand, Hypermotard is somewhat a supermotard and that is not a total supermoto bike.

Eg-: Suzuki DRZ400SM / Husqvarna 701

Enduro and Dual-Sport Motorcycles

Enduros and Dual-sport motorcycles are usually light weighted. Those bikes are made for day-to-day use for riders. These are not suitable for long-distance journeys because of the narrow seat. It feels so uncomfortable for long trips. Usually, the engine capacity keeps under 650cc.They have no windscreen. They are based on a 21inch front wheel.Both wheels are spoked.

Eg-: Husqvarna TE300i / Kawasaki KLX450R

Adventure Motorcycles 

Adventure motorcycles are ready to show off in both on and off-road riding. The rider can feel the comfort because of the high seat height and high handlebar position. Usually, they have a 650cc or larger engine displacement. Large gas tank and the windscreen are more additional features for them.

Eg- : BMW 250GS Adventure /  KTM 1290 Super Adventure

Alright! I think you’ve gained some kind of knowledge of the different categories of bikes via this article. If you have more information with you, you can share with us to improve this article for future use. 

Hope this article will help you when you buying a motorbike according to your purpose. 

Author – Shamal Iroshan

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