PRO-LINK Rear Suspension System

Did you ever notice a “Pro-Link” sticker in some Motorbikes? Today we are going to talk about that. So Let’s begin.

Honda XR250 cc Pro-Link Rear Suspension System

Image Credits: Nipuna Dilshan

Pro-Link is a rear suspension system which belongs to the Honda Company. Usually, you can see this on Honda XR and Honda Ax1 bikes. 

Honda AX1 250cc             

Honda XR 250cc

In this system, mono-shock is not directly connected to the swingarm as you can see usually. In this Pro-Link system, mono-shock is connected to the swingarm by a linkage. That linkage also called as Cushion Arm. The advantage of this thing is, the shock that comes to the system can be shared into two parts because of this connection.

One of the most popular bikes to feel this feature is Honda AX1.  Since it is a dual-sport bike, you can feel that comfort also.  Because of this suspension system, you can get a better wheel control and a balance while riding the bike. On behalf of Honda productions, You can see this technology on other bikes too with different names. Aluminium is the main material for swingarms in this Pro-Link System. So it is paved the way to reduce the weight of the bike. SHOWA and KYB are the main shock absorber brands that used for this Pro-Link suspension system.

Author – Tharindu Manuranga

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