Yakada Heena Motorcross Track and School Opens for the Future of Motorcross in Sri Lanka

Motocross is one of the most popular sports in the world today. A group of sports enthusiasts who are ready for motocross have gathered in Sri Lanka as well. But we focused on a few issues that arise in a variety of ways when someone is tempted to continue this as a sport.
That is,
– Although there are many high-level racetracks in Sri Lanka, there is a shortage of tracks suitable for trainings.
– Inability to purchase a one-time motorcycle for training.
– Lack of specific human resources to impart knowledge for training.
– Inability to purchase protective clothing and accessories for training.

We looked for better solutions to the above questions with the aim of helping everyone who is interested in this sport, to take their first steps towards it.
That is,
– Create a racetrack in a way that is most suitable for beginner-level steps. Here the athlete will have the opportunity to try out all the basic concepts that come in the motocross sport.
– Even for those who do not have a motorcycle, we will be proving the motorcycles that can be selected to suit their events and rented on a very affordable basis (weekend only).
– Free valuable guiding sessions in every weekend from Veterans in Motocross.
– Supply of some basic protective clothing from us.

Our goal is to help those who have the ability to provide all the stuff for themselves as well as those who do not have the ability. This will be a huge helping hand to pursue their dreams.

As the opening day of the event, on Sunday, March 14, 2021, we gave a free “Introduction to Motorcross for Beginners” lecture to all who love the sport, and the opportunity to experience the experience live for free.

Veteran motorcyclist and Former Three Forces Champion Mithun Jayasanka Sigera, who was the first rider to compete in an Asian Championship in the Armed Forces, Sri Lanka Air Force Veteran Motorcycle Champion Madura Peiris and Race Champion Sri Gehan joined with us to share his many years of experience and knowledge. 

When it comes to using the track ahead, it’s going to happen in two ways.

Motorcyclists already own a motorcycle can use the track to continue their training. There is a fixed charge per motorcycle per day.
Here you will be able to check everything you need to know about motorcycle driving and other safety issues and participate in training activities between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm on any day of the week.

For the first time, we have the ability to rent and train motorcycles on a lease basis, which is a new system to Sri Lanka. We will provide you with the motorcycle and all the protective clothing and accessories you need for your safety. Also our trainer is ready to provide volunteering service to train you.

All of our coaches are veterans with years of track experience. Simply, we have made it possible for anyone with only a passion and interest to come and enter the track as a rider. Prices are set for an hourly period. There is an additional charge for fuel only. If you want to avail this service, call 0716329449 or 0714991444 and book a date, time and a motorcycle in advance.

You can find the latest pricing and all the details of these two services on the web page below.

Finally, our sole hope is to find the real talents in our country and give them encouragement and support to improve themselves to the international level. Those who will stand out with special talents will be recruited to our competition team and will be given special privileges in the future.

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